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Sunday, 30 September 2012

50 Steps to Business Success: Entrepreneurial Leadership in Manageable Bites - Peter M. Cleveland

Here is a master plan for leaders who want to know the dynamic, proven techniques any business leader—from the fruit stand owner to the Fortune 500 chairman—must use to build a successful entrepreneurial enterprise. At the heart of this program is a fundamental belief in the continuous work necessary to improve all activities—a constant quest to improve the conduct of business, from mission statements to the simplest of action plans. Each principle, or “bite,” is a business fundamental that every business leader needs to understand and is a proven leadership principle of successful people. Each bite moves the reader one step ahead and combines with other principles that work together to create a building block toward total leadership. Each bite represents a stepping stone toward a sound business practice that, if applied with patience, discipline, consistency, and ethics, will result in success. 



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