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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Mechanical Engineering-Tribology In Machine Design - T. A. Stolarski

Mechanical Engineering-Tribology In Machine Design 
                                                                                - T. A. Stolarski

"Tribology in Machine Design is strongly recommended for machine designers, and engineers and scientists interested in tribology. It should be in the engineering library of companies producing mechanical equipment."

Applied Mechanics Review

Tribology in Machine Design explains the role of tribology in the design of machine elements. It shows how algorithms developed from the basic principles of tribology can be used in a range of practical applications within mechanical devices and systems.

The computer offers today's designer the possibility of greater stringency of design analysis. Dr Stolarski explains the procedures and techniques that allow this to be exploited to the full. This is a particularly practical and comprehensive reference source book for the practising design engineer and researcher. It will also find an essential place in libraries catering for engineering students on degree courses in universities and polytechnics. The material is grouped according to applications for ease of use and reference.

Subject covered from fundamentals to applied methods
Valuable to both student and professional readers
Cheaper than competing texts  

DOWNLOAD LINK: Mechanical Engineering-Tribology In Machine Design - T. A. Stolarski

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