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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Lynda PHP with MySQL Essential Training

PHP with MySQL Essential Training
with: Kevin Skoglund
Running Time: 10.75 hours

Website and database assimilation is a necessity for many of today's businesses, and learning to work with PHP is key to integration success. The objective of PHP with MySQL Essential Training is to teach both new and experienced web developers the comprehensive steps for building dynamic, data-driven, interactive websites. Instructor Kevin Skoglund demonstrates the entire process of building a content management system. He starts with the basics of the PHP language (variables, arrays, loops, functions, etc.) and works up to building dynamic web pages with a MySQL back end. Kevin also covers blueprinting applications; structuring and interacting with databases; building, validating, and processing forms; and regulating user access with passwords. In addition, he provides practical advice, offers examples of best practices, and demonstrates refactoring techniques for improving existing code. Exercise files accompany the tutorials..

Table of contents


1. PHP Overview

2. Mac Installation

3. Windows Installation

4. First Steps

5. Exploring Data Types

6. Control Structures Pt. 1: Logical Expressions

7. Control Structures Pt. 2: Loops

8. User-Defined Functions

9. Debugging

10. Building Web Pages

11. MySQL Basics

12. Building a Content Management System

13. Application CRUD

14. Building the Public Area

15. Regulating Page Access


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