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Friday, 4 November 2011


Brands That Rock by Roger Blackwell And Tina Stephan

Title: Brands That Rock by Roger Blackwell And Tina Stephan : What Business Leaders Can Learn from the World of Rock and Roll

Brands That Rock by Roger Blackwell And Tina Stephan Description: "Reading Brands That Rock is like attending business school, where classes on customer loyalty, consumer behavior, and branding are taught by Mick Jagger, Elton John, Steven Tyler, and Madonna."
--Tommy Hilfiger, Designer

Cadillac and The Rolling Stones. Victoria’s Secret and Madonna. Wal-Mart and KISS. What could these corporate brands and legendary rock bands have in common? Fans--devoted customers who not only display long-term buying loyalty and an insatiable appetite for spending, but evangelize to others the reasons for their adoration.

Today’s competitive times demand that retailers and manufacturers alike identify new ways to attract and retain customers. But few venture far from what their competitors have attempted. Brands That Rock takes you on a bold leap into the world of rock and roll and reveals how great companies can turn customers into fans with the same marketing strategies used by some of the biggest rock stars in history.
Like the one-hit wonders of the music world, most brands come and go, failing to survive pricing and advertising onslaughts from competitors. Why? Most successful rock stars will tell you that achieving cultural icon status depends on creating emotional connections with fans--be it a music group, a retailer, or a brand of coffee.

Brands That Rock highlights strategies for developing deep connections between brands and people that are used by many of today’s biggest and longest-lived rock groups, including:
  • Building brand loyalty one fan group at a time
  • Staying fresh in the marketplace while staying true to your core strength
  • Evolving at a rate that doesn’t alienate current customers
  • Focusing on the entire brand experience
  • Exuding energy and passion to command respect and grab attention
Even the most popular customer service programs can’t transform customers into fans--it’s the personality of a brand that resonates in the marketplace. If you want to increase market share, enhance brand longevity, or get your brand on stage and keep it rocking for years to come, this book shows you how.

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Brands That Rock by Roger Blackwell And Tina Stephan
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