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Thursday, 27 October 2011

European Handbook of Neurological Management 21st Edition 2010

European Handbook of Neurological Management 21st Edition 2010

Evidence-based, peer reviewed, best practice management guidelines for neurologists

Diagnosis is only part of the puzzle. Effective treatment is what your patients really want. The European Federation of Neurological Societies has been publishing management guidelines in the European Journal of Neurology for many years.

Developed by a consensus approach, using graded evidence, and then fully peer reviewed, these guidelines provide gold-standard, best-practice guidance to the treatment of neurological disorders. They help bridge the gap between what is done and what should be done for patients with neurological disorders.

The basic guidelines have been expanded with �Recommendations� based on strong evidence and �Good Practice Points� where only weaker evidence is available. The Guidelines in this volume cover:

- Investigation
- Major neurological diseases
- Neuromuscular diseases
- Infections
- Neurological problems
- Sleep disorders
- Rehabilitation

The European Handbook of Neurological Management provides a thoroughly rounded and grounded approach to best-practice neurological management using evidence-based principles.

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